Saturday, October 25, 2014

Audition for Keeping a Backyard Horse

I recieved an audition today for making Keeping a Backyard Horse into an audiobook. This female narrator has a young-adult, fun voice and even added a couple chuckles into some of the humorous stories in my audition script. I really liked the way she sounded and the way she could switch her voice from comedic to serious when the text warranted it. I am expecting another audition in the next couple of days (this narrator is an actual horse person and won't have any trouble with terminology), and I plan to send a message to one of the ladies that I'd initially contacted for My Butterfy Cancer (she had a cold at the time).

I have also considered editing the manuscript since the print and e-versions have a glossary of terms. I may have to make sure that all my underlined words that were included in my glossary are also defined directly in the text. It's hard for a reader to fast-forward an audiobook to define a word and then rewind back to where they left off! Whoever I contract to produce this book, I will ask their opinion on this matter.

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