Thursday, October 30, 2014

Author Blog Interview Exchange

Short post today, mostly to introduce something that I think will help give indie authors more exposure! I propose a blog interview exchange. I'll interview an author for my blog, with links to their book and any social media they might like, if they'll do the same. When I post their interview, I'll share it with all my social media, as well as email them a link to my post that they can share wherever they'd like. Hopefully, once this gets going, it will help other indie authors get more exposure (and me as well, when they reciprocate).

The new second page on my blog has the list of questions, as well as a link to email directly to me. It should be easy enough to copy and paste the questions into an email, and fill in the answers. If anyone is interested in being interviewed, please let me know! This is a good way that we can all help each other, and it shouldn't take but a few moments of our time!
 Something I forgot to mention! ***Your email address will be absolutely sacred to me!!*** I won't sell it or otherwise give it to anyone besides myself. If you'd like me to contact you periodically when I have new releases out, I can do that if you give permission. Otherwise, you'll only receive the email with my blog post link.

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