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Featured Author Debbie White and book Passport to Happiness

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Author Debbie White is from a small town not far from San Francisco, California. It’s a lovely place, close to the beach, the rolling hills, and California’s prized vineyards. She works outside the home for the government, has two grown children, and two granddaughters. She also has two rescue dachshunds and is an avid supporter of animal rescues. In fact, she donates a part of her sales to local shelters [a woman after my own heart!].


Her book, Passport to Happiness, is a contemporary romance about a young small-town girl who dreams of bigger and better places. Although it is a fiction, Debbie says she’s actually lived in quite a few of the places mentioned in the book. As both a military child and wife, she’s quite the expert in travel! She also does quite a bit of research on locations she uses in her books, to make a richer experience for the reader. She says her books will always end in those happy-ever-afters and will always feature animals as well.

You can find Passport to Happiness on Amazon, along with her other book called The Salty Dog [I like this one already!], which has also just been released as an audiobook. She hopes to entertain her readers with a clean romance. She says, “I lead the reader UP TO the bedroom door.”  Each has a bit of mysticism and adventure.

One Amazon reviewer raves about Passport to Happiness: “A definite must read. Although it is not a true story, it reads like one…” Another review calls it a “Tender and captivating story.” One reviewer explained that, while it wasn’t really a ‘sequel’ to The Salty Dog (as we think of sequels), there was a definite connection between the two books.


She has one new book in progress right now, and she’s re-working and editing The Pet Palace, her very first book. She still works in her “day” job, though she’s hoping to retire by 2018 [that will be the year I’ll be ‘cured’ of cancer--a celebratory year for both of us!].

Debbie spends a lot of time marketing through social media, to the extent that she’s considering hiring an assistant. [If only I could be so lucky! Ha, ha!] A self-published author, Debbie uses all of the social media networking to her advantage, and she’s also on GoodReads and Wattpad.

You can find Debbie on her blog:

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