Monday, November 24, 2014

Featured Author Annalisa Crawford and book Our Beautiful Child

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting with author Annalisa Crawford, a resident of Cornwall, England. She lives with her husband, two sons, a dog, and a cat, and is a fitness instructor when she’s not writing.

Our Beautiful Child was released by Vagabondage Press in June 2014, and she says her publisher calls it “gothic”, which she loves. It’s a collection of three novellas set in the same town, and spun around the same pub. Each story has its own main characters, three women running away from their problems and encountering new ones along the way. [Isn’t that just how karma works?] She says her characters tend to evolve over time, sometimes over the course of several drafts. Our Beautiful Child was inspired by her town, by a song, and that dream most of us have had where we’re falling.
Our beautiful child is rated 4.8* on Amazon! "The three novellas tie in and weave tales that keep you glued to the book and turning pages."

This book is available on Amazon, Vagabondage Press, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, Google Play, and OmniLit. These stories will inspire the reader to think, and she leaves the endings somewhat open so the reader can draw their own conclusions. Plus, she loves to hear how her readers THINK the story ends! She says she wants her readers to be emotionally engaged with her writing.

She is hard at work on another novella, about a woman’s fight to overcome domestic violence and alcoholism. She’s also developing a full-length novel about how a man’s ego can have dire consequences for his friends and strangers alike.

Annalisa has also written Cat and the Dreamer, available at Vagabondage Press. She self-published a book called That Sadie Thing, a collection of short stories thata she’s had in literary competitions over the years, basically a “greatest hits” of her life’s work. You can find Annalisa on GoodReads where she says she’s “sporadically active in some groups”, but she loves reading reviews, especially on new books before she’s read them. She addicted to the book spoiler!


**Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of these books, as I haven’t read them and can’t vouch for their contents.**

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