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Featured Author Dora Badger and book Lemonade Songs


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Author Dora Badger is a resident of Detroit, Michigan, where she lives with her partner and a whole pack of rescue dogs. She also has a grown daughter. Since the 9-5 job isn’t really her style, she’s a freelance web designer when she isn’t writing. She’s also the Primary Vendor Coordinator for Woodward Press, a company that pairs up independent authors and professional editors, cover artists, and other people to help authors self-publish.

Lemonade Songs is a short horror piece loosely based on a nightmare where her daughter, as an infant, kept “singing the dead back to life”! These ghoul-like characters kept showing up at her home and demanding lemonade. [How imaginative, and what a horrid nightmare to have!]

It was released in July, 2014 and is available on Amazon at . At its very core, Lemonade Songs is about the lengths that a parent will go to in order to protect a child. She hopes to invoke in her readers that “deeply disturbing moment when a protagonist is forced into actions he/she would otherwise never consider. [Very cool!]

Dora is currently engaged in writing a sequel titled Ash Lake, a full-length novel that will pick up 15 years after the events in Lemonade Songs. Its projected release date is late 2015 or early 2016. She also had another full-length novel coming out in mid-2015 called Uncurled. Another book by Dora is called When You’ve Been Bad, and along with Lemonade Songs, are intended as introductions to her writing style and are frequently offered as freebies through Amazon. She also uses social media networks to promote her books.

Dora is a member of GoodReads and participates in a few groups on that site. Her website is, on Twitter @dorabadger, Pinterest: and Google+ For information about Woodward Press, see


**Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of the books in question as I haven’t read them, so I can’t vouch for their contents.**


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