Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Featured Author Nancy LaPointe and book Masked in Deceit

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Nancy LaPoint lives in the state of New Mexico (which she reminds us IS a part of the United States!) with her family and “two little white dogs”, in her home nestled in the Lincoln National Forest [Billy the Kid is said to be buried in the area.]. She’s a retired pastoral counselor and her current job, which she loves, is “writing”!

Masked in Deceit is a Christian mystery novel about a newspaper reporter who uncovers a sinister plot to manipulate citizen into gun control. [Is this fiction, or non-fiction?? ;) ] She was inspired to write it by hearing so many conspiracy theories that seem to have a bit (or more) of truth to them. Eyewitnesses to tragic events around the nation are identified as being the same people, it poses the question to the reader: conspiracy theories, or possibilities? Masked in Deceit was released in July of 2014, published through CreateSpace and available at Amazon or through Nancy’s website at .

Nancy wishes to give the reader a good, clean mystery while undoubtedly asking themselves some important questions about how the media handles tragic events in our country, as well as the culpability of our government to push emotional responses from its people. [Again, fiction, or non-fiction? Can you tell my husband is a conspiracy nut?]

Another book Nancy has available is a non-fiction titled Living in God’s Rest…at Peace in a Chaotic World which is an inspirational guide to overcoming stress in difficult times. This book is published with West Bow Press and is available in print through all major retailers, and in e-book format as well.

Nancy routinely uses Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as marketing tools. She’s also a member of GoodReads and Bookbzz as well. She welcomes her readers to join her at either or both as well as her Facebook page.

You can find Masked in Deceit at Amazon  and it’s currently ranked at 5 out of 5*! [Nice job, by the way!] Joyce H. says, “Loved this book. It kept my attention from the beginning.” And Patsy Raef stated: “This book was well written, I did not want to put it down.” So if you’re looking for an excellent read with a conspiracy background, go check out Nancy’s book! I know she’ll appreciate it!


**Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any of the subject material, as I have not read the book, and cannot vouch for its contents.**

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