Thursday, November 13, 2014

Featured Author Serita Stevens and Book the Ultimate Writers Workbook for Books and Scripts

Serita Stevens grew up in Chicago, but relocated to Los Angeles in 1983, the difference between a temperature of -80 degrees below zero (with wind chill) and an 80 degree L.A. day being a major deciding factor in her decision to move! She got a job at USC. She’s married and has a daughter adopted from Romania. She also has four fur babies, 3 cats and a dog.

Her latest book, the Ultimate Writers Workbook for Books and Scripts is published by indie Motivational Press and is based on her teaching experiences. Sara, on Amazon, gives it 5***** and says, “Great for the beginning writer or established as it gives great notes and exercises. Ms. Stevens has offered to read some of her student’s writings and give critique, which I find invaluable.”

She’s also working on two more slated to be released early next year. One is Against Her Will, a teen novel about a psychiatric ward, and The Heist is a true crime about a major heist told from the point of view of one of the felons. She also has two more future projects that she calls Unborn Witness, a paranormal thriller, and Discovery of Evidence, another true crime.

Her Workbook is available online and at retailers as well, but she says if you visit her website at there are specials available for her readers. Her intent with this workbook is to help writers become better writers (aren’t we ALL ready to be better writers??), and with her teaching background, she certainly has the ability to help other authors.

Serita uses social media frequently to help market her books, and you can find her on Twitter @SeritaT, Facebook as Serita Stevens, and at her blog . She’s also on Goodreads and is currently trying to get various schools to use her workbook as textbooks for students.


**Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any of the subject material, as I have not read the book, and cannot vouch for its contents.**

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