Sunday, November 9, 2014

Find Metamorph Publishing

Metamorph Publishing is growing and evolving with each passing day! Eventually, we'll be adding more authors, and of course our leading author will be adding more books to our repertoire.

Just a quick, short, and sweet post for you today, a couple of different places that you can now find Metamorph Publishing. The first location is on Pinterest and if you click, it will take you there. Metamorph has a board for book cover art, one for all the Featured Author Interviews (those that are for already published books or ones that I have access to a book cover), one for Random Stuff, and one for Press Releases. I suppose I should make one for author appearances as well. I'm not used to being photographed; I'm usually the one TAKING the photos. But I guess since I'm now in the public eye, at least to a degree, I'm going to have to get used to it.

The second place you can now find Metamorph Publishing is on our official Photobucket profile. These will be cover art work, author photos and anything else of interest. You can find the rough draft of my book signing flyer there.

And you can also find Metamorph at Storify , an online news and press release site. Here you can follow us for news stories and press releases, find out about any upcoming appearances, and so on. It's a little like Facebook or Twitter, I think, in that you can "follow" the page, and I think it might update you on new press releases. I don't know if you need a sign in name to see the stories or not. Anyone who tries it, will you let me know? Simply leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Of course, you probably know about our Facebook page already, but if you haven't been there, check it out and give it a like! You can also like us on our Amazon author page, just like you can for Facebook. Our website also has a like button. And you can follow us on Twitter @naddya81975, on LinkedIn , and on Google+ . I also post occasionally at Reddit , which is kind of a reader's group, I think. You can follow our YouTube channel to see book trailers of our available books.

You can find our author Marguerite Madden on as well, this is something kind of new for her. 

These are all just other types of social media that can be used to help promote your brand, your books, and yourself as an author and publisher.


  1. Hey, great blog! Very informative. Valerie is investigating Spotify for me. Let me know how you like it.

    1. Sorry, I meant Storify . . . oops.


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