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Featured Author Barbara Williamson and book An Extraordinary Life

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Author Barbara Williamson has lived the past 20 years in the quiet Nevada desert surrounded by cougar, mountain goats, deer, and a wide variety of wildlife. Together with her life partner, John, she has founded Tiger Touch Sanctuary and Education Center (find out more by visiting ), currently home to thirteen exotic cats saved from horrible situations. [If, for no other reason, Barbara is a star for setting this up!]

Her book, An Extraordinary Life, her memoir, is a story of vulnerability and self-discovery, cleverly disguised as a sex book. Barbara and John were the creators of the Sandstone Retreat, a unique alternative lifestyle during the “sexual revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s, during which time she was tagged as “the most liberated woman in America.”  She hopes her book gives the reader an insight into just how this revolution put the Nature back into human nature.

She wishes to stress to her readers that sexual pleasure is a necessity to our human souls and psyches, and inspire people who are unhappy in their lives to do what she did: CHANGE it! [I think, as a society, we are pushing sex farther and farther into the background of our lives, our real lives, though it’s most certainly frequently thrown at us on TV and movies!]

Now at age 75, Barbara’s life focuses on being and remaining healthy, slowing the aging process, all the while trying to extend her time on our wonderful planet, being productive and enjoying the quality of her life. Barbara says, “…nature (including human nature) is anything but static and predictable.” Her book is intended to be a “flashlight” so the reader can see what goes bump in the night.

An Extraordinary Life was released January 14, 2014 and can be purchased online at from publisher Balboa Press, and at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. She currently spreads her marketing plan throughout several forms of social media, as well as releasing periodic press releases with a video trailer. She’s also used some paid advertisement. Next, she plans to reach out to bloggers for reviews.

You can find her at her website above, at Twitter @AuthorBarbaraW, on her Amazon author page:, or on LinkedIn:


**Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of the book in question, as I have not read it and cannot vouch for its contents.**

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