Friday, December 12, 2014

Featured Author Patricia Stinson and book Range War Legacy

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Author Patricia Stinson is a retired elementary school teacher living in Minnesota. She loves animals and has a rescue dog called Nike, and two parakeets called Frik and Frak [I love it, how ingenious!]. She also loves horses, and rides both English and Western style [I can ride both Western and Australian].

Range War Legacy is an historical western based on the cattle and sheep wars in the United States. She was inspired to write it after reading an article in Wild West magazine; a woman interviewed for the magazine stated she saw some sheep herders actually killed when she was a child, but never revealed their identity. This piqued Patricia’s curiosity and she began to research the incident more.

Patricia’s book is currently available digitally at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at Booklocker. She’s expecting a paperback version sometime in December of 2014. [Should be an interesting read!]

Range War Legacy tells some of the conflict between the sheep men and the cattle ranchers but also reveals the aftermath of the violence on her characters. Patricia says, “Inward death does not end when the war ends.” She hopes to inspire her readers to identify with her characters and ask themselves what they might do in the same situation.
Currently, Range War Legacy is rated 5* on Amazon. One review called it: "A fast-paced western!", while another said, "This is a story of courage, love and loss."

Patricia is currently working on another historical western called Wild River Journal that she expects to release in January, 2015. It will detail the Mexican and Navaho life within the white culture of the West in the 1860’s. [This, too, sounds interesting!]

You can find Patricia at, her blog, and on Twitter @pstinson23.


**Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of the books mentioned, as I haven’t read them and cannot vouch for their contents.**

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