Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yes, I'm posting twice today! Since I posted earlier, I was given the website of ACX , a service that turns printed books into audiobooks. I have created a profile and began the process of turning My Butterfly Cancer into an audiobook.

This may not be as easy as publishingprint versions. I had to use an excerpt from the book to use as an "audition", and I have to wait until a narrator sees my book and gives me an audition of the material. Then I have to see if I can get a producer involved to actually produce the thing (for half of my 40% royalties), and go on from there.

But, it hasn't cost me anything at the moment, so I've put it out there. This may be of benefit to cancer patients, who (as I know from experience) may have a hard time reading the printed work while undergoing treatments.

It's just another avenue to explore on the writet's journey!

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