Sunday, October 12, 2014

Using Youtube

I've been seeing quite a few authors using Youtube to generate more interest in their books (and by thay, hopefully more sales!), so I thought I would try it myself. After all, everyone can upload videos to Youtube and everyone can view them.

But I definately did NOT want to be in my own video! Not to mention I had no idea what to say. So my oldest daughter helped me to create some slide shows using the PowerPoint with my word processor.You can view the trailer for Once Upon a Western Way or for My Butterfly Cancer or Keeping a Backyard Horse at these links.

There's no music to them yet, and that might be a little difficult to do as there are copyright laws that prevent the use of something already existing to sell something of yours without getting permission. It's one thing in a book to say "so and so and blah blah blah" and then cite your source. It's another to use your favorite song by your favorite artistin a video for advertising purposes. That's also the reason I bought my butterfly logo, so that I could use it whenever I wanted.

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