Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Marketing: Reach as Far as You Can

Today I'm going to talk about something that might be new to some readers. And I can't take credit for this; I read it in another blog from Twitter and I'm not sure now whose it was.

As you may know, Amazon has a number of website addresses for countries spanning the globe: .com is for the US, for the United Kingdom and so on. But what had never occurred to me was the fact that all the links I used to advertise were .com links to Amazon.

Not so much bad if someone from the UK were to click on a .com address, they can speak English, though the price will, of course, be in US dollars. But what if someone from Japan, or Denmark, or other countries were to click on that dot com address? They might not have understood what they've seen, and might not know how to pull up your product on their appropriate Amazon site. What to do? Memorize or copy and paste dozens ofURLs? Enter "smart links".

I built my smart links on for free. It was very easy! All I did, after creating a user name and password, was copy and paste my Amazon product links into the box and hit enter. The site did the rest! Now I have short universal links that, when clicked on, will determine where in the world the person is, and redirect them to their appropriate Amazon website. The site also provides me with certain stats: how many times the link is clicked on, how many times per hour, where the person is, what site they were on when they clicked the link, even to what type of device and operating system they're using. Heck, maybe even what they ate for breakfast! No, kidding. But even though my smart links have only been up for, oh, about five hours now, I've already seen almost 400 clicks and as far away as Japan and South America! I can see this might become a valuable marketing tool!

Also, with that in mind, I will shortly attempt to add the translator gadget to my blog here so that my readers all across the world might benefit. I've had readers from as far away as Malaysia.

My advice to you is this: use every tool you can possibly use to spread your influence as far as you possibly can! Don't miss a sale just because someone out there clicked on your dot com address when they really could have used another. The less work you make buying your product, the more success you'll likely have!

So here are my smart links: Once Upon a Western Way, click here .  My Butterfly Cancer, click here . And Keeping a Backyard Horse, click here . So go ahead and check them out! If you're outside the US and they direct you to your proper Amazon store, feel free to comment and let me know!

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