Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cancer Awareness Month

October is cancer awareness month. There's a lot of advertising for cancer awareness going on right now. Workplaces are "going pink" to support breast cancer, and celebs are making commercials encouraging viewers to get their annual colonoscopy.

But there are many, many other types of cancer that don't really get into the spotlight. Leukemia is one of those. People may think of children when they hear the word leukemia, and in a way, they're correct. Leukemia does often affect the young. But I was 37 years old when cancer reared its ugly head in my life. It took nearly a year of intense treatment, and even took a fellow patient I'd met while stranded in the hospital. His death hit me very hard.

I can now say with relief that I'm in remission (1 year +), and am slowly returning to a 'new' normal. But my life has been irrevocably changed by the finger of cancer, and I will never again be the person I was before.

So please, help me to spread the word of cancer awareness. My book, entitled My Butterfly Cancer, tells the inspirational tale of my fight against cancer, and how it led me to become a published author. 20% of my proceeds for life will go to cancer charities (some of which helped my family during our troubled times). So please, check out the book and pass the word to others who might enjoy it.

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Blog post dedicated to Sam White and his family. You're always in my thoughts!

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