Friday, October 3, 2014

First Contests

I closed my first promotional contest on Facebook and Twitter this evening. Facebook surprised me; while I had several "likes" on the page, I only had one share. Congrats to Valerie Hemlin (@VHemlin) for being my Facebook winner.

Twitter, on the other hand, netted me a total of 286 retweets, a number of those from people not following me. Congrats to Georgia Trosper (@datsyuklover) and Mary Eloise Trosper (@1961Et) who just happen to be twins! These ladies ran so close all through the contest, and ended up with 97 and 94 tweets, respectively! All three of these great ladies will be getting autographed copies of my book My Butterfly Cancer.

Now to find out if this helps sales any when My Butterfly Cancer goes on special starting Oct. 11 and running through Oct. 17!

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