Sunday, October 5, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Contest

The Kindle Countdown Scavenger Hunt contest will begin Monday October 6, 2014  and run through Monday October 20, 2014. Rules are: choose only one social media network (i.e. Facebook or Twitter). Answer the questions posted and email your answers to GMAIL. Answers must be emailed by October 20, 2014 by 7pm (CST). Post on facebook or tweet a link to ONCE UPON A WESTERN WAY and mention the sale starting Oct. 24. Copy and paste a link to your post or tweet in the comment section below. All correct answers will be entered in a random drawing for a free book! All answers can be found on my Facebook page, Twitter profile, website,  Amazon author page, Smashwords author profile, Smashwords interview, or here on the blog. It's NOT necessary to actually read my books.

Questions:1) What year was Marguerite born, and where?2) What "superpower" does she possess?3) What is her horse's name?4)List one of the main characters in ONCE UPON A WESTERN WAY. 5)Which book does she donate 20% of her sales to charities?6) Name a book she is currently working on.7)Where and in what year did she first publish?8)Name any upcoming event.9)What's her nickname?10) What writer's group is she currently active with?

Happy hunting, my friends!

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