Friday, October 10, 2014

The World Wide Phone

With the increasing technology of our fast-paced lives, some of us seem to be getting left behind in the dust. More and more we are turning to our phones and tablets to keep us in touch with social media and information. But with an increase in our technology comes an increase in problem issues.

I have experienced these problems first hand. I use my phone for my internet most of the time since we don't have it at home. It's a "smart" phone, but at two years old it's almost obsolete. My first indication of trouble was over a month ago when I first designed my website. I started it using the laptop and a borrowed wifi hotspot, and worked with the elements until I had everything set the way I wanted.

But later, when I tried to use my phone to show someone the site, I found out that only the first page was showing up, though there was a "menu" button on the page. So I emailed customer service.

I was informed that the website service wasn't set up for mobile browsing (at the time I didn't realize a desktop and mobile site were different). My customer service people didn't really offer much help, other than suggesting I try to update my browser. I could not find a way to do this (remember, older phone!).

But I'd heard of people having good luck with the Firefox browser, so I looked it up in the play store. Once I had the Firefox, I found that I was not only able to view my website pages, but could also edit those pages, something CS had told me was likely impossible. I also noted that, in some web pages where I wasn't able to type in the text box (Scribophile was one of of them), the new browser had fixed that issue as well.

Just this evening, I joined a tweet exchange program with a book promoter. Their site was one where my browser wouldn't let me type. So I simply switched over to Firefox and completed the form. But I also sent them an email, explaining the problem and the steps I had taken to correct it. So maybe in the future, if someone emails them with this issue, they'll have some idea of how to fix it. If my website's customer service people had known this, it would have saved me a lot of frustration!

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