Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Journey Continues

This post may seem to be a continuation of yesterday's,  but I've just gotten more proof that writing, as is true of life, is an ongoing process.

I didn't do any actual writing today, but I got a lot accomplished. I purchased and customized a logo, a simple black drawing of a butterfly in flight. Not necessarily because of my book My Butterfly Cancer, but for the symbolic transformation of my life. Since I've purchased this logo, I don't have to worry about any copyright infringement.

I also, with my oldest daughter's help, learned how to make presentations using PowerPoint. I turned these into video that I will hopefully be able to upload to You Tube, as I've seen a lot of authors do. I also intend to have these run during my upcoming book signing.
 I did some design work here and on my website,  Even to adding a #TBT photo under 'about the author', taken when I was maybe 6 years old! Please visit my site and see how you enjoy it. I'm no computer whiz, but I'm pretty pleased. And I've had nearly 10,000 hits in just over a month. You can also find out about any contests I might be having, like my scavenger hunt contest going on right now!

So, while I didn't do any actual writing today, I wasn't exactly idle!

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